About me

I am a game design student from Berlin, Germany. Actually I’m studying at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) in the 4th semester.

In the last months and years I recognized that my main interest in game development is to step inside the field of game design. To be more detailed: Analyzing and understanding games and their mechanics. Making games and concepts that excite players and encourage developers to be brave for trying things out instead of staying on the safe side and beeing uninspired.

To reach a creativity level and knowledge to get this far, I have to explore games in a more professional way, actively recognizing why games are designed as they are. Nevertheless I don’t want to copy ideas of games to reach my goal. I want to break games down to their principles and core mechanics, to understand how they work and increase my ability for designing games.

This blog should be a practice to put game experiences into words and also be a pool of ideas for the next (maybe cutting-edge) game – of yours or mine.


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