What This Blog Will Be About

Some time ago I started playing various games because I had some minutes left besides my studies. No matter if mobile games, browser games or social games. I downloaded them and fed my phone, facebook account or computer. I bought Humble Bundles and filled Steam with games. I just collected and collected…

This finally led to two “problems”:

  1. I got too many games and less time to play them and
  2. for the games I already played I fast forgot / didn’t actively recognize what kind of game mechanics I explored. This in turn led to repeatedly playing games just to kill time instead of having an usable output (e.g. for my studies).

Thus I decided to make a blog about games I played. My vague idea came up last year and as you might have noticed some time passed by until I finally got to the point to really open a blog.
The reason for my delay: Just writing about games and rating them seemed to be useless to me. There are several websites and blogs rating and reviewing games, so mine would be no enrichment at all. So I rejected the thought for now, but when I again had some minutes left (because I finished my exams some days ago…yay!) I began to rethink the idea.

My final conclusion:

  • At first I want to analyze games and increase my ability to actively think about their mechanics. This is a more personal goal and practice to break down a game into its core mechanics.
  • Moreover I want to explore what the designer might have thought designing a mechanic this way, how the player might react to it and feels or if the mechanic is rather useless than helpful. In this context I also want to write about the interaction between game and player, feedback, rules and structures.
    I found many blogs and websites about the topic “game mechanics”, but most of them were unfortunately closed, just reviewing and rating games subjective, one-sided and skin-deep or only writing about AAA titles. I am aware of the complex topic I have chosen and also won’t write a scientific report, but I want to try my best to explain mechanics and their effect in an objective point of view.
  • Last but not least I want to create a pool of ideas for game mechanics. I also hope this will positively affect creativity and maybe evaluating and refining mechanics will help developing games with my fellow students. Besides that it would make me proud if interested game developers get inspired.

For now I will start with “small” games and develop a helpful structure for my posts. Later on I also would write about (parts of) more complex games.

If you have further suggestions about games I should take a look at or criteria I should consider for analyzing games, just feel free to leave a comment.


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